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The 2016 Rath & Co. Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome to the 6th annual Rath & Co. holiday gift guide! This list is one of my favorite posts to create for you. And if your inbox over the past week has been anything like mine, it’s filled with a frenzy of sales and offers, some better than others. It’s a little overwhelming, even for me. There is so much stuff to weed through. And let’s be real, much of what’s being touted as good holiday gifts is uninspired and trite. Kind of like just going through the motions of giving someone a gift without putting much thought into it. What’s the point of that?

What I’ve done with this year’s gift guide is scouted for Rath-approved items that not everyone else will be getting — interesting and unique gifts that show some thought was put into choosing them. The list is divided up into ideas for men and ideas for women and cover a range of budgets. The ideas for men may cover the guys on your list — or maybe they’re things you’ll ask for yourself.


Executive Image Consulting: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Cause and Effect bracelet ($50) – This is for a guy who’s somewhat advanced in the style dept. Man jewelry is not the easiest thing to pull off (post coming soon on that, I promise), but I love the raw feel of this painted copper cuff. It can be worn alone or in combination with a watch or other bracelets for a full-on arm party.


Men's Image Consulting: Gift Ideas for Men

Nike + Undercover Court Force High-Top Sneakers ($150) – OK, so he’s got a basic non-workout sneaker (hopefully). Now it’s time to take it up a notch with something more stylish. This high-top from Nike is a great option for a guy who wants to step up his style but doesn’t want to get involved in wacky colors or over-the-top patterns.


Executive Image Consulting: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Felisi jeans belt ($175) – If you or the guy on your list doesn’t have a solid jeans belt (no, the reversible black to brown one does not count), it’s time to remedy that. I like this one from Felisi because each buckle hole is embossed with numbers for a subtle twist on the classic. 


Executive Image Consulting: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Wooly Mammoth Tusk Kershaw Knife ($270) – I can’t think of many gifts more manly than a badass knife like this one. The handle is made from the tusks of wooly mammoths that lived around 15,000 years ago. 


Image Consulting for Executives: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Kingsman + Deakin & Francis rose gold chevron money clip ($395) – Many of my clients use money clips, so I’m always on the lookout for extra cool and different ones. This rose gold chevron one is a great find — totally unique and eye-catching.



Image Consulting for Executives: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

D.L. & Co snake journal ($35) – There’s something so luxurious about pulling a gorgeous journal out of your bag to write in, and this glitter snake journal does not disappoint. If snakes aren’t her thing, D.L. & Co. has a number of other lovely options including feathers and butterflies. 


Image Consulting for Executives: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Eberjey pajama set ($102) – Nice pajamas are the kind of thing women rarely buy for themselves but make them feel totally pampered when slipping into them at night (I will admit though that I inspired myself with this post and picked up a couple pairs of these for myself). 


Image Consulting for Executives: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

$495 Dana Rebecca earrings – Every woman needs a pair of signature everyday earrings — ones she can wear to spin class and straight into the shower after — without having to remember to remove them (who has time for that, really?). Jewelry is also an awesome gift because it’s something she can wear but that you don’t have to worry about sizing for. Bonus is she’ll think of you whenever she looks in the mirror.



Image Consulting for Executives: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Miscere weekender bag with zip on/off appliqués ($650) – I discovered these Miscere weekender bags on Instagram a while back and became obsessed immediately. With interchangeable fabrics/patterns to choose from for the center panel, she can adjust the look seasonally or just according to her mood or outfit. Such a smart idea in this era of “bespoke” everything.


Image Consulting for Executives: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Lana Jewelry necklace ($980) – If you want to roll a little bigger on the jewelry front than the earrings above, then have at this black mother of pearl and quartz necklace. It has tons of different colors in it and will therefore work with a lot of different outfits. It’s unique, sexy, earthy and interesting — lots going on in one piece!


Here’s to a hip and happy holiday season.



The Case for Wearing a Watch [and some non-bank breaking picks]

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Men's Image Consultant: How to Choose a Watch

Are you wearing a watch everyday? If not, you’re missing out on an easy way to create a signature look, one that will set you apart from everyone else. In the image above, I’ve selected 25 of my favorite watches on the market right now. Many of them are from under-the-radar brands you’ve likely not heard of. The nice thing about these watches is that NOT every other dude in your office will be wearing the same thing as you. Several are under $300, so you don’t need to break the bank to do this (although I did choose some deliciously splurge-worthy ones as well!). Below are where to find/buy, along with style notes for a few of them.

1) Tsovet, $200

2) Tsovet, $225

3) Aark Collective, $199

4) TID, $250

5) Nixon, $350. The face is made out of recycled newspapers fashioned to look like wood.

6) Daniel Wellington, $299

7) Orient Watch, $340

8) Orient Watch, $340

9) Diesel, $350

10) Seiko, $350

11) Aark Collective, $319

12) Tsovet, $450

13) Tsovet, $475

14) Helson, $599

15) Bravur, $820

16) Autodromo $875

17) Bravur, $880

18) Jenny Watches, $990 [click for black band]

19) Seven Friday, $1150

20) Uniform Wares, $1200

21) Autodromo $1200

22) Junghans, $2120

23) Graham Chronograph, $2825

24) Tsovet, $10,000

25) Rolex/Bamford Watch Dept., Price upon request [If you haven’t heard of Bamford Watch Department, they take various luxury brand watches like Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, etc. and customize them, for example with military grade titanium or graphite particle coating, along with bespoke dial colors. Pretty much your wish is their command. Just like with anything on this level of exclusivity, be prepared to open your wallet in a big way for watches like these. There’s some amazing pieces on their website, along with some pretty trippy pieces (like this), so it’s worth a click over even if just to browse.]

Tip: if you like the overall shape of something but aren’t sure of the color, click over anyway, as many of these styles come in multiple colors.

Father’s Day Gifts That Do Good

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Much of my job is helping other people spend money in intelligent ways. The items my clients buy with me are investments in themselves both personally and professionally. (After all, the right suit can help you get the job or attract the girl.) And I’m always on the lookout for products that also make a difference in the world. It’s extra-gratifying to help people find things that not only help them feel great about themselves but that also give back. So this year for Father’s Day, I’ve rounded up the list below of Rath-approved gifts that do good in some way:

Men's Style: bracelet/jewelry for men

image via @timferriss instagram

The Rise Collective Survivor Cuff Man jewelry is a tricky thing to pull off (largely because non-cheesy man jewelry is rather elusive), but when I saw the Tim Ferriss instagram snap above, I had to find out more about this intricate and interesting piece. Turns out, the writing means “survivor” in Cambodian Sanskrit. And with each purchase, The RISE Collective provides a life essential to a survivor or at-risk child of slavery that will help educate, empower and protect them from a life of enslavement. Examples include school supplies, nutrition and health care. Go with matte finish for a more subtle look. $98


Men's Style: Father's Day Gift

David Family Wines Everest Pinot Noir 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go to Next Generation Nepal’s earthquake relief fund. Specifically — I love how forthcoming they are about exactly how much goes to the charity — for every bottle they sell, $53.17 will go towards their goal of donating $25,000 to NGN. $95.


Men's Style: sunglasses for men

TOMS sunglasses Sure, you’ve seen TOMS shoes all over, but did you know they also make sunglasses? For every pair of shades sold, TOMS will help one person somewhere to achieve better vision — either by giving a pair of glasses, providing eye exams, or even providing surgery to those in need. The $98 Culver Matte Tortoise above will flatter most face shapes. $68-189


Men's Style: Father's Day Gifts

LSTN Headphones From the handcrafted wooden earbuds above to the old school ear-covering phones, LSTN has your listening needs covered. For every pair of headphones sold, they help restore hearing to a person in need. In under 2 years, LSTN has been able to give the gift of sound to over 20,000 people through Starkey in the U.S., Peru, Kenya and Uganda. And if you sign up for their newsletter, you get 20% off your first purchase. $49-199

Happy Father’s Day!




The 2014 Rath & Co. Holiday Gift Guide (gifts for you and her)

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It’s holiday go-time! Are you ready? If not, don’t worry. I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to help you make sure all bases are covered. Read on for 3 gifts you can ask for for yourself (and for the ladies reading this, they’re for your man), 3 you can give to her, and 1 sexy gift for the both of you.


Men's Personal Shopper: Holiday Gift IdeasS’well Water Bottle $30 – A client of mine recently embarked on a major fitness and weight loss project. As part of that, we upgraded his workout clothes and gear so he’d feel better about himself while he’s working out. Since starting, he’s lost 25 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle. Proof positive that upgrading your exercise gear can only help you achieve your fitness goals. This sleek and sharp-looking matte grey BPA-free water bottle is a great gift for the fitness enthusiast — or someone whose new year’s goals involve fitness. The bottle will keep a beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. And it has a vacuum seal that keeps drinks and carbonation fresh.

Men's Personal Shopper: Holiday Gifts 2014 Striped Belt $117 – Do you, or does the object of your gift-giving, keep going back to the same wardrobe items over and over? If so, then it’s time to diversify. A belt with some color/pattern to it like the one from Anderson’s above is an excellent way to accomplish this. And the nice thing about it having multiple colors is that it’s easy to coordinate. Since the leather is brown on this one, and it has a brown stripe, it should be worn with brown shoes (navy would also work for a more outside-the-box look). Post on how to incorporate cool non-basic belts into your look coming soon.

Men's Personal Shopper: Christmas Gift Ideas

Silk Blend Scarf $150 – Scarves are always a great gift (most guys I meet are in need of one), and this navy polka dot/stripe combo from Paul Smith has just enough visual interest without being over-the-top.


Men's Personal Shopper: Christmas Gift IdeasSet of Notebooks $14 – There’s something uplifting about writing in a beautiful notebook, and the gold foil detail on these from from Rifle Paper gives it a rich, special feel that she’ll love.

Men's Image Consultant: Holiday Gift Ideas for MenMelissa Joy Manning Opal Earrings $210 – The hoop part of these delicate opal earrings goes around the back of the ear as an interesting departure from basic and boring studs. Your subtle message that she is anything but basic and boring to you.

Men's Image Consultant: Christmas Gift ListBlack Saint Laurent Wallet $675 – A basic black wallet like this is an absolute fail-safe option. Clean, classic, sophisticated. You can’t go wrong.


Men's Personal Shopper: Christmas Gift Ideas for MenL’Agent by Agent Provocateur Lingerie – The uber-luxe Agent Provocateur (with price tags to match) has collaborated with Penelope and Monica Cruz on a more palatably-priced, but equally delicious lingerie collection. This line is also available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Shopbop and Net-A-Porter.


What’s on your holiday gift list? And what are you hoping to receive? Leave me a comment below — I’d love to hear!


Rath & Co. 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

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Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for your main squeeze? Stumped on what to request for yourself? From stocking stuffers to splurges, these 8 gifts have you covered.

Holiday Gifts for Men1) Grid-It Organizer – Keep your gear in line with this organizer. Great for at-home storage or travel. ($14)


Men's Holiday Gift Ideas2) Hook + Albert Fair Isle Socks – Hook + Albert makes stellar quality socks, and fair isle is a fitting pattern for holiday gifting. ($30)


Holiday Gifts for Men3) Bolin Webb Razor – Form meets function in this deliciously sleek Bolin Webb razor, featuring a MACH3 blade. ($80)


Men's Holiday Gift Ideas4) JVDF Lizard Toggle Bracelet – Lizard skin, sterling silver and silk create a cool and visually interesting combo. ($295)


Men's Holiday Gift Ideas5) Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Leather Gloves – The weather in NYC has been frightfully cold, and I’ve gotten more than a few “gloves needed stat” emails from clients and clients’ wives looking for gifts. I like the zipper and contrasting suede thumb on these. ($206)


Men's Holiday Gift Ideas6) Mont Blanc Mother of Pearl Cufflinks – The range of colors in these cufflinks make them simple to match, and the swivel bar back allows for easy placement on your shirt cuffs. ($415)


Men's Holiday Gift Ideas7) Paul Smith Hooded Jacket – You can’t beat a fitted hoodie for sharp layering. In fact, it’s one of my layering essentials. ($530)


Holiday Gift Ideas for Men8) Lotuff Leather Duffle – Stand out from the crowd with this sumptuous navy leather duffle from Lotuff. Perfect size for an overnight or a day at work followed by a trip to the gym. ($965)


What’s on your wish list this holiday season?


Warm wishes and hip gifts,



Gifts for the Dapper Dad

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Men's Personal Shopper: Father's Day Gift Ideas

image via Moda Operandi

Growing up, my idea of fun was hitting the local menswear store and picking out ties for my dad. (Yah I know, I’m a good time.) And Father’s Day was always one of my favorite holidays because it gave me an excuse to do just that. If you’re not as fanatical about menswear as I am and need inspiration on what to give this year (or if you’re a dad and want to give hints), read on for my Father’s Day gift list.


Dressy Dad

Men's Personal Shopper: Cufflinks

These unique rose gold cufflinks ($550) are refined yet manly. The broad range of colors within the mother of pearl makes them easy to match.


Snappy Ankles Dad

Men's Personal Shopper: Socks

One of the easiest, most low-commitment ways to up your style game is with socks. If your dad needs extra help in this department (if he wears black Gold Toe’s everyday, the answer is yes), get him a few pairs from Paul Smith. They make a great variety of colors and patterns, and the socks themselves are durable ($30). Note that the more colors there are in the pattern, the easier it will be for him to match them to his outfit. For my Sock Matching 101 guide, click here.


Festive Dad

Men's Personal Shopper: Velvet Slippers

Does your dad (a) like to make a statement or (b) know how to have fun? Then these embroidered Dia de los Muertes slippers ($325) may be the perfect gift for him.


Practical Dad

Men's Personal Shopper: Money Clip

Bulky pants pockets are definitely not dapper. If your dad suffers from overstuffed wallet syndrome, help him streamline with this handsome crocodile money clip ($125).


Traveling Dad

Men's Personal Shopper: Multi-Currency Wallet

Many of my clients travel nonstop, often to different countries, and this multi-currency wallet would simplify things for them ($285). Make the gift extra-special by having it gold-stamped — you can choose from a variety of different motifs and/or lettering.


Aesthete Dad

Men's Personal Shopper: Hermes Scarf Box

For the dad that has everything, this vintage table box inset with a silk Hermes scarf would make a fantastic addition to his repertoire (contact store for price).


Need more tailored gift-giving help? Contact me. And have a happy Father’s Day!