The Case for Wearing a Watch [and some non-bank breaking picks]

Men's Image Consultant: How to Choose a Watch

Are you wearing a watch everyday? If not, you’re missing out on an easy way to create a signature look, one that will set you apart from everyone else. In the image above, I’ve selected 25 of my favorite watches on the market right now. Many of them are from under-the-radar brands you’ve likely not heard of. The nice thing about these watches is that NOT every other dude in your office will be wearing the same thing as you. Several are under $300, so you don’t need to break the bank to do this (although I did choose some deliciously splurge-worthy ones as well!). Below are where to find/buy, along with style notes for a few of them.

1) Tsovet, $200

2) Tsovet, $225

3) Aark Collective, $199

4) TID, $250

5) Nixon, $350. The face is made out of recycled newspapers fashioned to look like wood.

6) Daniel Wellington, $299

7) Orient Watch, $340

8) Orient Watch, $340

9) Diesel, $350

10) Seiko, $350

11) Aark Collective, $319

12) Tsovet, $450

13) Tsovet, $475

14) Helson, $599

15) Bravur, $820

16) Autodromo $875

17) Bravur, $880

18) Jenny Watches, $990 [click for black band]

19) Seven Friday, $1150

20) Uniform Wares, $1200

21) Autodromo $1200

22) Junghans, $2120

23) Graham Chronograph, $2825

24) Tsovet, $10,000

25) Rolex/Bamford Watch Dept., Price upon request [If you haven’t heard of Bamford Watch Department, they take various luxury brand watches like Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, etc. and customize them, for example with military grade titanium or graphite particle coating, along with bespoke dial colors. Pretty much your wish is their command. Just like with anything on this level of exclusivity, be prepared to open your wallet in a big way for watches like these. There’s some amazing pieces on their website, along with some pretty trippy pieces (like this), so it’s worth a click over even if just to browse.]

Tip: if you like the overall shape of something but aren’t sure of the color, click over anyway, as many of these styles come in multiple colors.

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