Fall 2011 Boot Picks

Hard-wearing, versatile, and a step up from sneakers, boots really were made for walking. One of the things I love most about men’s boots is the wide variety of styles. This Fall especially, designers have thrown out a lot of interesting details, giving you the option to go classic, or amp it up with something more fashion forward. Below are my top boot picks for Fall 2011, listed by type of boot. In each category, I’ll give you a classic choice, followed by one with a little more flavor.

Work Boot

Classic: Red Wing for J. Crew Work Boot ($280)

Red Wing for J. Crew Men's Work Boots


Amped: Diemme Roccia Boot, $395

Diemme Roccia Men's Boot


Classic: Alexander McQueen Lace-up Boot, $721

Alexander McQueen Lace-up Men's Boot


Medium Amped: Rag & Bone Grouse Boot, $450

Rag & Bone Men's Grouse Boot


Amped: Peal & Co. Leather and Tweed Boots, $598

Peal & Co. Leather and Tweed Men's Boot


Classic: Mark McNairy Grey Suede Chukka, $355

Mark McNairy Grey Suede Men's Chukka


Amped: Oliver Spencer for Topman Postman Boots, $298

Oliver Spencer for Topman Brown Chukka Men's Boots


Classic: Ralph Lauren Dinsdale Chelsea Boot, $575

Ralph Lauren Dinsdale Men's Chelsea Boot


Amped: Bottega Veneta Ankle Strap Boot, $970

Bottega Veneta Ankle Strap Men's Boot



Classic: To Boot New York Buckle Ankle Boot, $398

To Boot Men's Buckle Ankle Boot

Amped: Jimmy Choo Rugged Ankle Boot, $850

Jimmy Choo Rugged Suede Men's Ankle Boot

And that about covers my Fall 2011 boot picks. As always, I welcome your comments and questions. Happy stomping!

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One thought on “Fall 2011 Boot Picks

  1. Hi everyone

    Agree! DIEMME definitely rocks! Perfect blend of top-quality and fresh style!! Thank you for sharing all this.
    This season’s highlight on white rubber sole shoes was so massive that I wanted to focus on it also. I do like some of them (DIEMME ROCCIA VET MOGANO are great, especially in brown with bright red laces or in all black!!!). Don’t like some others. Anyway, it takes all sorts to make a world… A deep focus on these shoes, called “White rubber sole shoes for everyone – Part I (high tops)”, featuring Visvim, Diemme & Mr Hare models + brands banckground available here:

    And more photos in wider format on initials AO fanpage

    Hope you’ll enjoy.
    Keep on sharing your coolest stuffs with us!

    Patrick from initials AO

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