Introductory Consultation

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Image and Style Consultation

Great impressions matter. A lot. And you only have a few seconds to make a first impression, right? Let Rath & Co. remove the guesswork. After our two-hour strategy session, you’ll walk away with insider style tools and secrets to choosing the right clothes and look for you. We’ll teach you what actually works best for your body type, face shape, and coloring, given your lifestyle. We’ll show you hair styles (facial too) that enhance your best features. You’ll even learn a bit about quality tailoring. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of what works for you and a concrete game plan on how to look amazing every day.

Closet Tune Up

Is your closet a disaster? Not sure what’s stuck in the 90s? This practical in-home service assesses and streamlines your current wardrobe. We first identify your goals, preferences, and lifestyle. Then we literally ‘shop your closet’ to pull only the pieces that still work for you today. Every item is examined for style, proportion, fit and condition. Some classics may just need tailoring. Other gems may have been long forgotten. Whatever the case, our expert eyes will show you fresh ways to mix and match with maximum impact. We finish with a detailed shopping list of items needed to fill in the gaps. The result is a streamlined, highly functional closet made up of outfits that work every day.

Personal Shopping

One of our most popular services. If shopping makes you sweat, bored or if you just don’t have time, here’s your solution. Imagine entering a preferred store dressing room – or even your home or office – where a hand-picked, entire new wardrobe awaits. We do all of the advance legwork, by working with our Little Black Book to hunt down killer pieces just for you and within your budget. It’s the ultimate stress-free, efficient way to shop. Because we know you have better things to do with your time.

Frequent Flyer Styling

Here’s a celebrity secret. Using a stylist is really practical. Especially if you travel a lot for work, and to multiple cities with different wardrobe needs. Perhaps you have homes in Wyoming and Palm Beach, but have regular business in NYC and LA. Rath & Co. will build and manage wardrobes for multiple locations, oversee logistics, and create seamless travel solutions for you. This is the ultimate time saver for the modern business traveler.

Additional Services

Stylist On Call

No more fashion emergencies. Rath & Co. has your back when you need special occasion dressing, a travel wardrobe, transitional pieces, or seasonal updates. We’ll solve your style dilemmas.

For Grooms Only

Getting married? Congratulations! Rath & Co. can create a winning look for the groom and groomsmen that complements the bridal party and overall scheme of the wedding.

Online Profile Styling

Does your online image do you less than justice? If so, Rath & Co. can solve your problem with a professional photo shoot, complete with two looks, so your natural charisma – and best features – shine.

Gift Certificates

No idea what to get the man in your life? Treat him to the ultimate pick-me-up: a gift certificate from Rath & Co. Contact us for more info.

One size doesn’t fit all. Don’t see a service listed that you could use? Just let us know what you need.


An Image Consultant is a professional who advises individuals, groups and/or corporations on appearance, presentation and image. Some of the services that fall under this umbrella include style and color analysis, wardrobe planning, closet organization and personal shopping.

I split my time between New York City and Palm Beach, FL. I frequently travel to see clients, and clients often come to me in either location. I also work with clients virtually. Feel free to reach out to discuss how any of these possibilities might work for you.

If any of the following sounds like you, it might be time for a change: you’re wearing the same clothes and hair style you did ten years ago; you aren’t happy when you see yourself in the mirror; you look in your closet every morning and are unsure what looks good on you or what to wear in a given situation; people don’t respond to you in the ways you’d like them to.

Not at all! The look you end up with is tailored specifically to you. We use your interests, profession, habits and ultimate desired image as a baseline from which to craft the perfect style for you.

No problem. Rath & Co. will guide you on how to shop smart, so you can find high quality items for less. We maximize your dollar by mixing and matching fewer items into multiple outfits. After working with us, you’ll know your best styles, shapes and colors, so you’ll eliminate expensive clothing mistakes.

Yes. We receive a number of inquiries from women who are looking for Personal Styling and Image Consulting, and we enjoy working with our female clients. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

Thinking of becoming an image or style consultant? It’s a fantastic field, and I am excited for you. Please note that copying content from my website without permission is a violation of copyright law. If you do take my content, my team will find you and pursue legal action. And if you are considering stealing content from this or other image consultants’ websites, I highly encourage you to find your own voice, vision and words. After all, your creativity is what clients are hiring you for. And if you do not take the time or make the effort to develop this yourself, you will not be serving them at your highest capacity.